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ككه ^_^ Amazing Interview -Egyption

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An Egyptian Interview

Reporter : Hi
Egyptian : Hello

Reporter : Do u speak English
Egyptian : Berfect

Reporter : Do u mind if I interview u
Egyptian : No, I don't have a mind

Reporter : What's your name?
Egyptian : Taha

Reporter : How do u find life here in Egypt ?
Taha : Egybt..Very nice cantry..nice wezar..nice

Reporter : Oh well..beside the weather and the
pyramids..what else do u like in ur country?
Taha : Byramids, nice wezar, nice food

Reporter : DO YOU WORK?
Taha : Yas, when I am not buzy..

Reporter : What do u think about the traffic problem in
Egypt ?
Taha : Very big broblem..very much cars..u see?..but za
guvurment is trying to make it bettar..zey did za circle
street and za mehwar street..and zey make all streets one
way so if u go...u cant come back!!!

Reporter : What about the economic problems in Egypt ?
Taha : I do not undurztand what u say

Reporter : I do u deal with money problems in
egypt ?
Taha : Egypt very rich cantry.....we have alot of
cotton...alot of water..and we have byramidz

Reporter : So do u make a lot of money?
Taha : No no.. it is not legal to make frend I
know make money at home..and he go to brizon..if u make
money at home.. you will go to brizon

Reporter : let me rephrase..since Egypt is a rich country..
do u have a lot of money?
Taha : me? ...Not a lot…..but I eat and drink

Reporter : Then where does all the money go?
Taha : Guvurment

Reporter : And what does the government do with the money?
Taha : Zey Build circle street, mehwar street and make all
streets one way

Reporter : well , Ok...Do u vote?
Taha : What duz zat mean?

Reporter : Do u choose your president
Taha : Who, Mubarak?

Reporter : yes
Taha (nervously) : I didn't give my voice..But if I
was. I will give him my voice

Reporter : Why him?
Taha : Because he was an airoplane in za war..he waz za
leadar airoplane

Reporter : But there r no wars right now
Taha : But if we have war..u see?...we know we will have a
very good airoplane in it

Reporter : what about the last 26 years?
Taha : I got marry..and have Ahmed and
Reporter : No, I meant Mubarak.
Taha : He also marry… and have…

Reporter (interrupting) : No, I meant what did Mubarak do
for Egypt in the last 26 years
Taha : He build circle street, mehwar street and make all
streets one way

Reporter : Thank you very much for ur time Mr. Taha
Taha : No broblem, only 10 bounds

Reporter : I never said i will pay u for this
Taha : ok ok…. Zanks a lot.

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